Ballet | Tap | Jazz | Hip – Hop

(Ages 7 – 8)
For our 7 and 8-year-old dancers, we offer 2 different combo classes.  One combines Ballet and Tap, while the other combines Hip – Hop and Jazz.  This one-hour class allows the dancers to still enjoy 2 different dance styles in one class.

Ballet (Ages 9+)
This is a class for children of ages 9 and up who want to focus on ballet. We start with the foundational elements of ballet and barre work. Dancers will also be learning dance vocabulary and proper dance etiquette in the studio.

Acro (Ages 5+)
Acro is a style of dance combined with precision acrobatic elements.

Jazz (Ages 9+)
This class is filled with upbeat music and lots of energy.  The focus here is on technique, conditioning, musicality, and flexibility.

*Prerequisite: one-year ballet
 *Also required: current enrollment in ballet

Ballet | Tap | Baton (Ages 5 – 6)
This combination class focuses on Ballet, Tap, and Baton. Dancers will learn foundational technique and steps while also learning dance vocabulary and proper dance etiquette. Learning these particular styles allows younger dancers to grasp what they may want to focus on in the future.

2018 | 2019


Tap (Ages 9+)
Tap is an upbeat dance style that focuses on rhythm and timing along with proper technique.  Students begin with the most basic footwork and progress to more advanced tap steps.

Baton (Ages 7+)
Baton students learn basic twirl skills (including proper form and hand placement) and baton terminology while developing hand-eye coordination and wrist flexibility.  Students also learn twirl combinations and parade routines.
*Intermediate Baton is for ages 13+ and twirls up to 2 batons.

Twinkly Toes  (Ages 3 – 4)

Ignite's Twinkly Toes class is designed to introduce pre-school age children to the dance world.  It also helps enhance their gross motor development, listening skills, musicality, and nurtures their creative spirits. This 45-minute class allows the children to enter the dance classroom setting by themselves for the first time. Their independence can be reached in a safe and nurturing environment all while learning coordination and social awareness. The dance styles that are introduced in this class are ballet and tap.

Lyrical (Ages 9+)
Lyrical/contemporary dance is a beautiful, expressive, fluid form of dance implementing ballet, modern, and jazz techniques to express lyrics of songs; the movements are flowing, graceful, emotional, and inspirational. This class develops strength, flexibility, and endurance.  
*Prerequisite: one-year ballet

 *Also required: current enrollment in ballet

Hip-Hop (Ages 9+)
This energetic dance style is a form of street dancing that combines a wide range of intense body movements, body isolations, and freestyle. 
*Intermediate Hip-Hop is for ages 13+ 

*Prerequisite: one-year ballet
 *Also required: current enrollment in ballet